​​​​​Sunday Service Speakers
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​​​​July 21st
Carol Caesar

July 7th

Sharon Rogers

Susan Luck’s grandmother was a medium. Although she did not know that until recently, she recalls her family telling her that "I was just like" my grandmother. At 25 she had an Near Death Experience from anaphylactic shock. She still has vivid memories of being on the ceiling of the ER looking down at the doctors working on her.
She has taught many classes and spoken to many groups on such diverse topics as:  Handwriting Analysis, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Create Your Own Success, Cyclotones (personal annual cycle of colors), and Past Life Regression. She studied with Dick Sutphen1 and was certified in hypnosis with a specialty in Past Life Regressions.  

July 14th

Rev. Rosemary Calderalo

The Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an NSAC ordained minister and holds the NSAC credentials of certified medium, commissioned healer and National Spiritualist Teacher. She is a member of the Morris Pratt Institute as well as a member here at CSE.  Among other volunteer work, Rosemary serves as the General Secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation.  Her focus on healing first brought her to a Spiritualist church in 2006; she has served churches throughout the country and recently for the first time internationally at Seafordspirit Centre in the UK. Rosemary holds a doctorate in adult education and consults with nonprofit organizations on resource development. Originally from New York City, she now lives in Pasadena, MD.

June 30th

Krisztina Nemeth

TheKrisztina Nemeth is a professional opera singer and teacher of classical singing. She graduated at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz in Austria. During a remarkable career in the opera world, her Mediumship began to unfold in December 2012 by the spirit world using her voice to produce tones and sounds for healing purposes. From then on, she devoted herself to using her healing voice throughout the United States and Europe. She recently released her 4th CD, "The Healing Sound of Mediumstic Singing".

August 4th

Susan Luck

Sharon Rogers is a student with the Morris Pratt Institute pursuing credentialing in the ministry. In addition to becoming a minister her goals include becoming a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer and most importantly a National Spiritualist Teacher. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors for the CSE as the Treasurer. Sharon’s spiritual path led her to the Center of Spiritual Enlightenment in 2010 to help people help themselves in pursuit of their spiritual path.

After a lifetime of hearing of the dangers of Modern Spiritualism from conservative religious leaders, in 2011 David decided to determine for himself if the claims of Spiritualism were true or false. That year, he traveled to Lily Dale where he sat with several mediums.  Every medium provided irrefutable proof of the continuity of life. Within one month of David’s journey to Lily Dale, he enrolled in the Morris Pratt Institute Course on Modern Spiritualism. In 2018, David completed the course and is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute. With a similar curiosity to know by experience rather than simply accept someone else’s opinion, David enrolled in a tarot class in the summer of 2004. He has been reading the cards for others and a devoted student of the tarot ever since.    

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Carol Caesar is a life-long Spiritualist originally from California who began attending development classes when she was eleven and studied under physical medium, the Rev Anna Franz until she was eighteen.  In college she started her own “Home Circle” and upon graduation, moved to our area.  She has been a CSE member for twenty years and has served since 2004 as speaker, healer, chairperson, orientation class teacher, and often leads the Friday Night Meditation Hour.  She has completed her MPI coursework and Pastoral Skills Training towards becoming a Commissioned Healer and Ordained Minister.  She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner; prompted due to caring for family members with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.   She enjoys studying Spiritualist history, cooking organic foods, and being married.  Her motto is, “Thankful for Every Day.” 

July 28th

David Dellman