Al was born into a Spiritualist family and is a 4th generation Spiritualist.  He has spent several years studying altered states of consciousness and practices as a trance healing medium.  When not involved with healing he devotes his time to the study and teaching of Spiritualist philosophy.  He has authored three books on Spiritualism and conducts workshops, lectures, and offers private healing sittings in Canada, England and the United States. .

Nancy Ryall is an Evidential Medium, Trance Medium, Teacher, Healer and Minister who travels throughout the United States. Nancy Ryall is a member of the National Spiritualist Associations of Churches and the International Spiritualist Federation.

The Reverend Leonard Justinian is a NSAC Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, and a member of CSE. He served for several years at the Church of Two Worlds in Georgetown as minister. Presently Rev. Justinian serves as a healer, speaker, and message medium at CSE.

Sharon Rogers is a student with the Morris Pratt Institute pursuing credentialing in the ministry. In addition to becoming a minister her goals include becoming a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer and most importantly a National Spiritualist Teacher. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors for the CSE as the Treasurer. Sharon’s spiritual path led her to the Center of Spiritual Enlightenment in 2010 to help people help themselves in pursuit of their spiritual path.

​​​​June 9th
Rev. Rosemary Calderalo

May 26th

Rev. Nancy Ryall

June 2nd

Al Batten

The Rev. Dr. Rosemary Calderalo is an NSAC ordained minister and holds the NSAC credentials of certified medium, commissioned healer and National Spiritualist Teacher. She is a member of the Morris Pratt Institute as well as a member here at CSE.  Among other volunteer work, Rosemary serves as the General Secretary for the International Spiritualist Federation.  Her focus on healing first brought her to a Spiritualist church in 2006; she has served churches throughout the country and recently for the first time internationally at Seafordspirit Centre in the UK. Rosemary holds a doctorate in adult education and consults with nonprofit organizations on resource development. Originally from New York City, she now lives in Pasadena, MD.

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

May 19th

Rev. Leonard Justinian

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June 16th

Sharon Rogers