The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

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The Center for

Spiritual Enlightenment

A Spiritual Development Community

Service Schedule:

Healing and Meditation - 10:00 AM
Lecture and Messages - 10:30 AM
Fellowship and Refreshments - 11:30 AM​

Andrew Jackson Davis

"All human individuals, as well as birds, flowers, minerals, worlds, and universes, have a message to deliver from on High - a mission to fulfil - and an end to accomplish. Everything is designed to subserve an end, a purpose, in the vast and boundless laboratory of the All-Wise Divine Mind."  

 ~ The Great Harmonia (1850): Vol 1, p13

We are a Spiritualist Church chartered by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, NSAC. The mission of Spiritualism is to prove the continuity of life through communication with our loved ones in the Spirit world. You're invited to learn more about Spiritualism, healing, our church and its services. The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment meets every Sunday at 222 N. Washington Street in Falls Church, VA.