The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

April 23

Jackie Judge

April 2

Sheda Vasseghi

Susan follows in her grandmother’s footsteps as a psychic and medium.  Her abilities really opened up when she experienced a near death experience, passing away from anaphylaxis at 25.  Since then, she has been very involved in the metaphysical community, teaching, learning, speaking, and doing readings. She is a member of the CSE, teaches and attends classes, and participates in Psychic Saturdays. Susan has undergraduate degrees in Business and Human Resources, and a Master’s in Education and Human Development.  Currently she is a Specialist in Leadership Development.

Sunday Service Speakers

March 26

Susan Luck

Sheda Vasseghi has a Doctorate in Education, a Master of Arts in Ancient History with emphasis on Persia, and a Master of Science in Business Administration. Dr. Vasseghi works in the field of Intellectual Property law in Washington, D.C., and teaches history as an adjunct at the Northern Virginia Community College. She has completed her coursework at the Morris Pratt Institute and is a member of the CSE's Pastoral Committee. She is particularly drawn to physical mediumship. She is an NSAC certified medium.

Jacqueline Judge is a student at the Morris Pratt Institute and has served as a student medium and healer at CSE. She also serves the CSE Pastoral Committee as well as hosts a Drum Circle twice a month here at the CSE. She studies with mediumship tutors from the Arthur Findlay College and is a Reiki master.

April 16

David Dellman

​David Dellman earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. After a lifetime of hearing of the dangers of Modern Spiritualism from conservative religious leaders, in 2011, he decided to determine for himself if the claims of Spiritualism were true or false. That year, he traveled to Lily Dale where he sat with several mediums. Within one month of David’s journey to Lily Dale, he enrolled in the Morris Pratt Institute Course on Modern Spiritualism. In 2018, David completed the course and is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute. With a similar curiosity to know by experience rather than simply accepting someone else’s opinion, David enrolled in a tarot class in the summer of 2004. He has been reading the cards for others and a devoted student of the tarot ever since.

April 30

Susan Luck

April 9