May 30th

Suzie Eggleston

June 13th

Susan Luck

June 20th

Denise Dorfman

Susan follows in her grandmother’s footsteps as a psychic and medium.  Her abilities really opened up when she experienced an NDE passing away from anaphylaxis at 25.  Since then, she has been very involved in the metaphysical community, teaching, learning, speaking, and doing readings. She is a member of the CSE, teaches and attends classes, and participates in Psychic Saturdays. Susan has undergrad degrees in Business and Human Resources, and a Master’s in Education and Human Development.  Currently she is a Specialist in Leadership Development.

Sheda Vasseghi has a Doctorate in Education focusing on how history of Iran and Iranians are presented in educational materials. Dr. Vasseghi also has a Master of Arts in Ancient History with emphasis on ancient Persia and a Master of Science in Business Administration. Dr. Vasseghi works in the field of Intellectual Property law in Washington, D.C., and is an adjunct professor of history at the Northern Virginia Community College. As a correspondent with Freepressers and WorldTribune, she has published dozens of articles on Iran’s affairs and is a member of—a group founded in Germany specializing in virtual reconstruction of ancient sites based on archaeological findings and architecture expertise. As a student at the Morris Pratt Institute and a member of The CSE, Dr. Vasseghi is particularly drawn to physical mediumship.

June 27th

Craig Richardson

July 4th

Sharon Rogers

Craig Richardson has been on a twenty-year spiritual journey that began in 2000 with his conversion to Catholicism.  After fifteen years in the Catholic Church, during which he received an M.A. in Catholic theology, he began looking elsewhere for answers that did not satisfy him in formal Christianity.  He’s studied the Bhagavadgita, and received certifications in tarot reading, alchemy, and hypnotherapy.  He also pursued Rosicrucianism, and found CSE by attending the Thursday psychic development circle in early 2019. 

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Denise Dorfman is an Intuitive Energy Healer and author. Her passion for health and wellness comes from her personal journey of overcoming Lupus. Denise was diagnosed with lupus in 1996 and empowered herself with the decision to simply change her thoughts and lifestyle. Six years later, her rheumatologist confirmed she has no active disease. She now lives a happy, healthy life and clients hire her to unleash a powerful unlimited mindset. She helps identify, clarify, and release limiting beliefs freeing them to express and grow into a life of abundance health joy and peace. 

June 6th

Sheda Vasseghi

Sunday Service Speakers

Sharon Rogers is a student with the Morris Pratt Institute pursuing credentialing in the ministry. In addition to becoming a minister her goals include becoming a Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer and most importantly a National Spiritualist Teacher. Currently she serves on the Board of Directors for the CSE as the Treasurer. Sharon’s spiritual path led her to the Center of Spiritual Enlightenment in 2010 to help people help themselves in pursuit of their spiritual path.

Suzie Eggleston has interacted with Spirits most of her life. She grew up in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, and attended her church’s parochial school though the 8th grade. She had intended to become a Lutheran school teacher, until she began to question some of the doctrines of the church.I n 2016, she began participating in Psychic Saturday on a regular basis as well as other classes offered at the CSE. Suzie joined CSE in September 2020 and plans to continue pursuing her personal growth and development through Spiritualism and through the CSE’s Psychic and Mediumship Development Circle.