Will Harris is the founder of Willpower Consultation and Willpower Humanitarian Foundation.  Willpower Consultation provides growth strategies and sales training for business leaders.  Willpower Humanitarian Foundation conducts philanthropy and spiritual work globally for at-risk and poverty-stricken children. Will has an Indian Facebook ministry with over 1 million followers and speaks annually to audiences in surplus of 500K. Will's superpower is humor; and his personal motto is "Use what you love, to fight what you hate."

David Dellman earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. After a lifetime of hearing of the dangers of Modern Spiritualism from conservative religious leaders, in 2011 he decided to determine for himself if the claims of Spiritualism were true or false. That year, he traveled to Lily Dale where he sat with several mediums.Within one month of David’s journey to Lily Dale, he enrolled in the Morris Pratt Institute Course on Modern Spiritualism. In 2018, David completed the course and is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute. With a similar curiosity to know by experience rather than simply accept someone else’s opinion, David enrolled in a tarot class in the summer of 2004. He has been reading the cards for others and a devoted student of the tarot ever since.  

July 3rd

Alice Jones

Jacqueline Judge is a student of the Morris Pratt Institute and has served as a student medium and healer at CSE. She also serves the CSE Pastoral Committee as well as hosts a Drum Circle twice a month here at the CSE. She studies with mediumship tutors from the Arthur Findlay College and is a Reiki master.

July 17th

David Dellman

June 26th

Suzie Eggleston

July 10th

Will Harris

Tim Marshall is the author of 16 books and is a respected teacher and speaker. He is a member of the CSE and has an extensive knowledge in metaphysical subjects. He has been trained as a Shaman and is trained in psychology.

Alice “Alicja” Jones has been a licensed minister with the Rays of Healing Church since 2002, a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004, and a life- long seeker of spiritual truths. She has embarked on a career involving many energy healing modalities and settled on teaching Reiki. She has taught “A Course in Miracles” since 1998 and has done readings and spiritual counseling for clients since the early 1990’s. She is the author of two books, the last one being “Own Your Power Day by Day”  subtitled:  365 Meditations for Clearing Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Blockages to Becoming Your Higher Self.

The Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

Suzie Eggleston has interacted with Spirits most of her life. She grew up in the Lutheran Church and attended her church’s parochial school through the 8th grade. In 2016, she began participating in Psychic Saturday on a regular basis as well as other classes offered at the CSE. Suzie joined the CSE in September 2020 and plans to continue pursuing her personal growth in Spiritualism and mediumship. Suzie currently serves the CSE as Secretary and Membership Committee Chair.

July 31st

Jacqueline Judge

July 24th

Tim Marshall

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